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Our extensive expertise in the specific subject enables us to discover very early the problems faced by the students during their learning; then we design the architecture and the road-map for the concept and come  up with the right solution.

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We do understand very well that students and learners are facing enormous pressure from different parties, such as their qualification providers requirements, expectations from parents and requirements to get into a university; Therefore, we took a proactive approach on helping our students to achieve best results by offering them: updated courses, flexibility in learning and top of the range materials.    


​​remain responsive across devices

Best Practices

All our courses and programs are accessible using any smart devises such as computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. You will be able to study anytime and anywhere. We are also working to introduce an interactive offline learning environment. In addition to that we use a modern and integrated system to follow up learners’ progress all the time. 

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Learning tailored to your needs

We tailor-make packages to match the requirements of candidates and companies to incorporate practical hands-on training and online learning to suit your needs.
Our On-Screen Tests are faster and more powerful than before, yet remarkably with great exam tips and solution. It has the deepest exam analysis.

Flexibility & affordability

We offer you the flexibility in your learning, saving you time and money; we use only high quality training materials and the latest technologies in our programs. We offer you our support when required. Imagine a learning platform that takes your studies to the next level, move quicker, learn faster and reach further… Become unbeatable !

Openreach study materials

In our E-store, you can purchase whatever you wish, for example you can buy a lesson, a course, a presentation, an assessment, an on-screen test and even an audio or a video lecture.
E-books and interactive e-books will also be available.

Amazingly responsive

A complete set of courses designed with an advanced and modern E-Learning system that has been integrated with others premium learning softwares and tools. Our bright, most effective way in mobile learning, our mobile books and applications support both I OS, Windows Phones display.

Community builder

Whatever courses you are enrolled in, you will always find your group, you can interact, exchange knowledge, messages, create your album, comment in blogs and chats. It is just like the Facebook...But if you prefer the focus learning mode, the option is available, as you can set your study on distraction free mode. Soon, we will also introduce the study offline option!

Easy to use interface

Amazing performance! You have the full access to our Virtual Classroom and our Digital Library. Get started on your VR journey with titles that make the most of your learning. You can purchase our materials for your self-study option also get access to our Virtual Classroom.


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Our programs are inspirational and parallel with today’s exams and market needs. Our materials are carefully designed, well developed and structured, comprehensively written, condensed and integrated. Purely based on what you need to know about today’s exams and business environment, match your needs by being selective & motivational. Suitable for your needs; whether you are a beginner, or professional, thinking to change your career, you will always find the right program for you.

Whether you are in a group tuition, on one to one basis or online, we ensure that you get the best of all our materials and resources available.

You will receive your logging reference for your portal account. Once you will log in, you will find all your study materials, all information on how to study, our policies and anything you need for your tuition.



  • Whether you are in a group tuition, on one to one basis or online, we make sure that you get the best of all our materials and resources available.

    • Your membership with your logging reference.
    • You will always receive a professional handouts.
    • Questions and answers in PDF.
    • Chapter summaries in post cards format.
    • Interactive flash cards.
    • Follow up and help via our portal.
    • Student planner.
    • Exams and assessments organizer.
    • Assessments and exam materials.
    • You will receive your test results and progress reports.
    • Your tutor support and help.
    • Your updates.

You will be updated about our materials, our news, up-coming events or anything new.

We put in place an AI system to provide you with information and answers for most of your questions.

We also integrated:

  • My Notes: where you can write, copy and paste, edit, print all your notes.
  • My dashboard: a very advanced system to organize all your courses, gives instant access to your courses, quizzes, results, profile.
  • E-Store: where you can purchases extra materials for your studies such as presentation, assessment and exams preparation similar to real test papers, interactive E-Books and much more.
  • My account: where you can find all your purchases and download materials.
  • My Knowledge centre: some free material for students and tutors and valuable articles in different subject.

In My Dashboard section, you will find you homework, handouts, assessment or interactive questions and answers. In addition to that you can write an instant message or queries to your tutor and get a quick response (the form is available in our contact online).

Upon the completion of our training, you will:

  • Improve your analytical & reporting skills and present your work in a professional way using a top of the range corporate presentation.
  • Learn how to pay attention to the finest details and pass your exams without stress.
  • As we use detailed examples, well-known books and real life examples in our case studies, we will boost your self-esteem, inspire you and build your confidence .
  • Increase your creativity by learning the new era of business and accountancy.
  • We will also provide you with the following :
  • One to One CV Consultations and Mock Interview Sessions.
  • Pre-interview screening tests, increasingly used by employers to select candidates.
  • Interview Preparation & Job Hunting.
  • Provide you with a Reference from Pro-Education Academy.

Book a course or a revision today…and stop letting those exams stress you out.  https://proeducationacademy.co.uk/courses/ 

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