Frequently Asked Questions

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What would I get for my tuition?

You Will Get For Your Tuition the following:

Whether you are in a group tuition, on one to one basis or online, we make sure that you get the best of all our materials and resources available.

  • Your membership card with your logging reference.
  • You will always receive a professional handouts.
  • Questions and answers PDF.
  • Chapters summaries in a post cards format.
  • Interactive flash cards.
  • Follow up and help via our portal.
  • Student’s planner.
  • Student’s exams and assessments organizer.
  • Assessments and exam materials.
  • You will receive your test’s results and progress reports.
  • Your tutor support and help.
  • Your KEEP EN-GAGED Updates.

What Do I Get At The End Of my Course?

At the end of your course you will get the following:

Upon the completion of our training you will:

  • Improve your analytical & reporting skills and present your work in a professional way using a top of the range corporate presentation.
  • You will learn how to pay attention to the finest details and pass your exams without stress.
  • As we use detailed examples, well-known books and real life examples in our case studies, we will boost your self-esteem, inspire you and build your confidence .
  • You will increase your creativity by learning the new era of business and accountancy.
  • We will also provide you with the following :
  • One to One CV Consultations and Mock Interview Sessions.
  • Pre-interview screening tests, increasingly used by employers to select candidates.
  • Interview Preparation & Job Hunting .
  • Provide you with a Reference from Pro-Education Academy .
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