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At Pro-Education Academy, we have the exam preparation tools and courses you need to pass your tests and exams.Our courses were developed and structured specifically with learners’ needs in mind. Extremely comprehensive, they’re based on the very latest information, use top materials and sources; and allow you to prepare for your exams anywhere and at any time; using the device of your choice.

You also get access to tutors for answers and advice, a comprehensive student planner, and follow-up from the Pro-Education Academy staff. In short, you get everything you need to complete 1 very important task – pass your exams. So, book a course or a revision today; and stop letting those exams stress you out.

Why Learning With Us

Cloud availability

Our cloud website is a cutting-edge solution. You will find all you need, stored and available for you anywhere and at anytime.

Platform integration

We integrated all your courses, learning materials, shopping, your group interaction and a knowledge centre in one easy to use platform.

Open access

Immediate access to your courses, course materials, your results, messages, groups, E-Store account from any smart device.

Flag notices

You will always be notified about anything new such as your results, your group interaction, your
E-Store purchases or new events.

Edit notifications

You have instant access to your messages; a notification will pop up if you have a message, a group chat or an e-mail.

Silent mode

Our courses and tests are set as distraction free to give you unique
learning environment; you can even adjust your learning mode.

Our Courses & On-Screen Tests Samples

   Sample our free courses and see the quality of our materials … 

minimize your documents

All your learning materials such as handouts, presentations, videos, audios, e-books, results and even stationery are provided for you.

Convenient client payments

You can pay using any payment method that is easy and convenient for you, we accept debit or credit cards, PayPal, Stripe or a bank transfer.

automate repeating tasks

Our website is automated, easy to use and simplified, to eliminate any difficulty, ensuring a great user experience and offering comfort.

saved to the cloud

To facilitate the learning process, we made sure that you have access to your materials at anytime and anywhere.

Choose the perfect plan

We are committed to helping you. Our knowledge centre gives you one place to access all the latest news, advice, support and offers.


Be in control of your own study


Thanks to our great selection of course materials available  in our E-store, you can create your own study materials like nowhere else.

You can purchase  a topic and add whatever you like, a quiz, a presentation, an assessment, an assignment …

You can also buy just a quiz without a topic or just one lesson if you wish to do so. You don’t have to buy the whole course.We, simply, are offering you the complete freedom to study in the way that suits you most.

Teachers are also welcome to purchase our materials and use them in their classroom. 

Interactive e-books will be available soon! 

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